About Cobbler John (J M Leather Goods Ltd):

Cobbler John's shop (jmleathergoods ltd) is a very well known family run business in Kendal and the surrounding areas for their friendly and welcoming approach and their excellent ranges of all types of leather goods.

John started his working life as an 'errand lad' for a shoe shop in Kendal where he learnt his trade. After working for someone else his thoughts moved quickly to starting his own business and in 1972 the 'Cobbler John' shop appeared in Kendal.

In 1991 he moved to bigger premises which is where he is today.

Since the world became a 'throw away' society, shoe repairs started to decline so he diversified, and besides still now providing an excellent service as a Cobbler, he started to sell leather goods, with very prestigious brands like Radley, Tula and Hidesign.

In 2001 Mark, John's son joined the business and with Mark's retail experience he has gained through managing a high street store in Kendal, together they run a very successful and productive business.

In 2010 they had a shop extension and re-fit to accommodate more well known brands like Gianni Conti, Kipling, Dunlop, Yoshi, Paul Frank and Modalu.

In 2011 this website was launched and we hope you enjoy your visit.

John and Mark.